Animals (Acoustic) feat. Becca Leigh

by Ben Hermanski



Well, to make an extra "acoustic" EP of my songs seems rather preposterous... However, this EP is just that.
These songs include only my guitar playing, my singing voice and the amazingly beautiful backing vocals of South Carolina songwriter Becca Leigh.

So, thank you Becca for making my tracks so much more beautiful.

A big cheers goes out to Alina Amt who drew me a horse with human features and made it look like Amelia Earhart.


released April 9, 2020


Becca Leigh - backing vocals

Ben Hermanski - main vocals and guitar

Julian Rocco Lepore (Rocco Recordings) - mixing

Fritz Fey (Double-D Mastering) - mastering

Alina Amt - design


all rights reserved



Ben Hermanski Bochum, Germany

Ben likes to hold on to moments and give them away on stage. To you.
In his songs and the stories that he tells.

Ben Hermanski is an observer, a sensitive writer. A finder of melodies both engaging, catchy and familiar; a teller of stories both true and remote at the same time.

He keeps his eyes closed on stage, because these moments are for giving. To you.
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Track Name: By the Fountain (Acoustic)
A blade of streams is cutting throught the sky
Endless drops of water, particles so fine
And I wonder, will it be tonight?
Racing through the city with animals alike

And I feel them so deep
As the rain’s falling down on me

By the fountain, in the water, in a made-up estate
In an hour, I’ll be over, I must be on my way

A flock of sparrows, led there by the blind
Is sitting on the fountain, dirty from their flight
I am watching, I wonder where I’ve been
And my heart is the anchor of my sins

I am watching, I wonder where I’ve been
And my story is written on my skin
I am thinking thoughts about myself
I write them down and put them on a shelf
Track Name: Bother (Acoustic)
All the animals are far from here
if they haven’t all died
You got nothing to show for
I don’t care if you tried (2x)

There’s a feast going on over there
There’s a groom and a bride
They got nothing to show for
I don’t care if they tried (2x)

There’s a president sleeping so fine
Told the truth and he lied
He’s got nothing to show for
I don’t care if he tried (2x)

All the sadness we bought with our gold
All the tears that we cried
We got nothing to show for
I don’t care if we tried (2x)

All the animals are far from here
If they haven’t all died
And I got nothing to show for
Please don’t mind if I try (2x)
Track Name: Eiderdown (Acoustic)
It’s soft and warm by your side – Eiderdown, Eiderdown
And I’m so tired tonight – Eiderdown, Eiderdown
So meet me tonight, in your loveliest gown
Eiderdown, Eiderdown

Your knees are poking my back - Eiderdown, Eiderdown
The sky is falling in black - Eiderdown, Eiderdown
Your eyes so blue, your feathers are brown
Eiderdown, Eiderdown

You offer nights in the spring - Eiderdown, Eiderdown
And I love everything - Eiderdown, Eiderdown
I race in my sleep, you’re slowing me down
Eiderdown, Eiderdown
Track Name: Blood Sweating Horse (Acoustic)
With my head on a window pane minutes are travelling by
All the souls in a traffic jam stuck in their bodies inside
My thoughts, they are flying – a blood sweating horse in the night
I am staring in silence at all of these lights in the sky (2x)

I am witnessing heart-attacks coming from too many smokes
You are speeding and riding, forcing the engines to choke
I am calling a doctor, emergency line in my head
I am driving the ambulance, racing the horses to death (2x)

I am trading my diamonds for bread and for water instead
And the future’s on Fridays, the kids say it least you forget
I am having a lemonade in a lawn chair on your grave
I can’t let a horse die, there is too many people to save (2x)

I won’t let a horse die, there is too many people to save
Track Name: The Cold. A White Horse (Acoustic)
Some say it’s the fault of our fathers
Some say it’s the fault in our dreams
Some say it’s the cold, for whatever that means
A wild horse is better than no horse
The winter will tear at the seams
And I like the cold, for whatever that means

It’s bitter cold and white
A candle on a table
I drink the poison wine
A friend inside a stable

Some met with their lovers at leisure
Some met with their lovers at night
Some met with the devil by candlelight
A blind horse is better than no horse
I stay with what’s left to atone
We crucified silver on houses of stone

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